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At Jenkins Restorations, we rebuild your property, renew your confidence, and restore your life. For over 35 years, homeowners and businesses have trusted Jenkins Restorations as their 24/7 insurance repair specialist. We specializes in reconstruction and repair of properties damaged by:






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Water damage prevention

Flood Prevention and Recovery

Effects of floods may be costly to remove but not doing so can lead to health problems and further home damage. If you have just experienced a flood or think you may in the future, there are a few things you should know.
September 15, 2017/by 828_Tech

Damaging Winds and Property Damage

There are different types of winds, and the damaging winds are commonly referred to as straight-line winds. Read what type of damage they can cause and how to prepare for them before and after.
September 7, 2017/by Jenkins
Hurricane Prep

Hurricane Preparedness, Supplies and Clean-Up

Hurricanes bring high winds, heavy rain and hail, flooding, and more. It’s important that you and your family have a plan in case of an emergency and are ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.
August 25, 2017/by Jenkins

Sump Pumps: Waterproof Your Basement

Water damage in your basement can be very costly to remove. Sump Pumps can help you prevent water damage in your basement altogether, while also helping to prevent mold.
August 9, 2017/by Jenkins
Remodeling a wall

Repair and Remodeling After Fire, Water, or Storm Damage

After damage act fast and call in a professional local disaster recovery team. Repairing damages and performing remodeling services could be done easier than you think. Here are few steps that you can take before the professionals arrive.
July 20, 2017/by 828_Tech

7 Things to Do After a House Fire

A house fire is something that you don’t often think about, but it can and does happen. All too frequently in fact. Read the seven (7) things to get you started.
May 30, 2017/by Jenkins
Water damage prevention

How To Prevent Water Damage

Learn how to prevent water damage in your home or business and what to do when it happens.
May 1, 2017/by Ben Hamilton
Finishing touches on the wall

Do You Need Professional for Fire and Water Restoration?

Why Hire a Professional? If you’ve had to suffer through…
March 15, 2017/by Jenkins
Car runs into home

Car Drove Into My House

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a car ramped into your house and what to do next before Jenkins Restorations can come to restore your home?
March 1, 2017/by Jenkins
Busted Pipe

Frozen Pipe Has Burst, What’s Next?

The most common plumbing problems during the winter season are frozen pipes. Read are some of the things that you can do when a frozen pipe bursts at your home.
February 14, 2017/by Jenkins

Smoke Damage Restoration After a Fire

Dealing with smoke damage restoration after a fire is not one thing that you can do on your own. This is a task that requires professional expertise. With this, there is no need to search far.
January 4, 2017/by Jenkins
Fire Damage

After the Fire Recovery Tips

Recovering from a fire can be draining. When fire strikes, lives are changed. Read what steps to take during those first 24 hours after a fire.
December 2, 2016/by 828_Tech
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