Water and Flood Damage Repair & Clean-Up

At Jenkins restoration, are always ready to respond to both commercial and residential water damages within minutes of receiving your call. We have well trained staff who can clean & preserve your home or building and they can secure as well as restore all your belongings. Whether you have very little water damage as a result of a leaking pipe, or you have backed up sewer, our professionals can help you with water damage of any kind. We will clean up the place after wards in order to make sure that there are no chances of mold growth in the area.

Water damage is a very common and potentially a very destructive problem that many homeowners often face From simple leaking faucets to heavy flooding because of burst pipes. If you don’t take care of water damage immediately, the excess water present in your house can cause electrical hazards, result in expensive damage to the furnishings and to the structure of your home and it can even result in hazardous mold growth. Just call on us and we will be there to take care of the situation.

With just one call, we will be at your door step, providing you expert level guidance on what should be done and how it should be done. We have the equipment, the techniques and the experience to fix any problem related to water damage very quickly.

We have experience with water damage restoration from the following:

  • Backed up sewage and septic tank lines
  • Cresting rivers or streams
  • Heavy rain or storms
  • Leaking or frozen water lines or pipes
  • Overflowing sinks, toilets or bathtubs
  • Dishwasher or washing machine overflow

If your business or home needs professional flood repair services or water damage restoration services, we are the company to call.

Three Steps To Restoration

We Give You A No Obligation Quote

One of our compassionate staff members will come to where the damage is and give you a quote and time estimate to getting your damaged restored without any obligation whatsoever.

We Repair The Damage To Better Than New

If you’re gracious enough to allow use the opportunity to help get your home or business back on track, we’ll make sure we do it quickly, efficiently and with the same care and attention to detail we would with our own homes and businesses.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services:

Jenkins restoration is always there for you, whatever the cause of the water damage, we offer a full menu of damage restoration options, including:

  • Water damage assessment
  • Water extraction
  • Assisting with filing insurance claims
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions such as documents, linens, clothes and books.
  • Drying of affected areas such as furniture, walls, padding and carpet.
  • Locating and repairing the source of leaking water
  • Storm damage repair and reconstruction services
  • Remediating mold and mildew damage

What to expect in case of a flood or any other water damage emergency:

Within few minutes of your call, we dispatch our professionals to start repair & restoration services. Once our professionals reach the scene, they make use of the latest equipments and start extracting water. Once the water level subsides, we dehumidify the place and use special cleaning agents to clean the whole place. This is very important to prevent mold from growing. As your structure is drying out, we will be working on your furniture and other belongings at our drying & cleaning facility. Our staff is highly trained to handle the delicate items such as oriental rugs. Our restoration specialists provide you the opportunity two relax and take care of your other problems while we take care of the water damage repair, restoration and clean up.

What to do In The Middle Of a Loss?

Water and bacteria damage can start within hours, therefore, it is important to immediately call professionals for help.

  • Mop and blot in order to remove as much water as you can.
  • Remove the rugs and other floor covers that are not permanently attached to the floor. Don’t try to remove the wall-to-wall carpet.
  • The draperies should be lifted from the floor. Loop them through a coat hanger. Place this hanger on the drapery rod.
  • Take a cloth and wipe the furniture. Place the wet cushions at a dry place in order to allow even drying. Place an aluminum foil under the legs of the furniture.
  • Move paintings, art objects and photos to a dry and safe location.
  • Open the drawers, cabinet doors, and closets in order to enhance the drying.
  • Keep the books on the shelves. Pack the books tightly in order to prevent the warping of the pages until we can start the specialized drying.

What Not to Do In The Middle Of a Loss?

  • Don’t enter any room that has standing water. Before entering any of such rooms, turn off the electricity to the house.
  • Don’t use the regular vacuum present in your house to remove water.
  • Don’t lift the tacked down carpet without professional help.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances when you have wet floors or carpet.
  • Don’t remove books from the shelves.
  • Don’t disturb any visible mold.

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